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Introducing the NEW Scheibner "mega-M.A.X." Measurement System!

Once again, MPH has made an investment in the latest repair techology - the Scheibner "mega-M.A.X." Frame and Chassis Measurement System.  The mega-M.A.X. System was designed in Germany, and is by far the most accurate system available for measuring a motorcycle chassis and geometry.   Unlike other systems that rely on measuring motorcycles to develop their dimensional database, the mega-M.A.X. contains the Factory Specifications of more than 1,100 motorcycles and compares your motorcycle to that information.  The Database is continually updated and helps to eliminate "human error", making the mega-M.A.X. System the superior solution for quick and precise measurements without dismantling the motorcycle!

Standard Frame Measurement - $75.00

Chassis Geometry Measurement - $75.00*

*(requires frame measurement)

How does it work?
The mega-M.A.X. is an opto-electronic system that is microprocessor controlled.  The principal components are a large measuring bracket containing two electronic measuring cameras, the target unit with two infrared targets and the integrated microprocessor.  The camera bracket is centered on the swingarm pivot, and the target is mounted to the rotating elements of the front fork.  A PC provides the  calculations and controls the measurement process.  The design of the measuring and target brackets allow most motorcycles to be measured without removing bodywork! 
The two target points in the "target bracket" create a segment of a circle around the steering axis of the motorcycle when the triple trees are turned.  The measuring cameras calculate the position of the targets, and with two measurements (one to the left and one to the right) the mega-M.A.X. System is able to determine the location of the  axis.  An additional laser mounted on the rear of the measuring bracket determines the position of the subframe and swingarm through an integrated potentiometer.  The laser and the cameras automatically measure the location of the elements, eliminating any human involvement and potential error.



The Procedure and Results

The mega-M.A.X. System measures the following critical dimensions of your mototcycle:
  • Camber Angle
  • Steering Head Angle
  • Distance from the Swingarm Pivot to the Steering Axis
  • Height of the Steering Head, relative to the Swingarm Pivot
  • Tail Offset
  • Rear Wheel Offset
  • Distortion of the Swingarm
  • Alignment of the Swingarm
Once the motorcycle is measured, you'll be provided with a clear, concise, easy to read print out of the results.  The print out shows at a glance how close each critical measurement is to the factory specifications.

If the Frame is Bent

If the motorcycle needs to be straightened, we have the most accurate jig available - the "MOTO-JIG".  The Moto-Jig is manufactured by Globaljig, (one of the most experienced and respected companies in the business) and was designed to work in conjunction with the mega-M.A.X. System.  Unlike other systems that require the motorcycle to be removed from the straightening jig to be remeasured, the design of the Moto-Jig and the mega-M.A.X. system allow us to verify the measurements while the motorcycle is still in the jig.  This ensures accuracy and saves time - getting you back on the road sooner! 



Chassis Geometry

In addition to measuring the critical dimensions already mentioned, the mega-M.A.X. System is capable of measuring the geometry of the motorcycle chassis.  Important values such as rake, trail, wheel base, swingarm length and swingarm slope, front and rear ride height,  are measured with the mega-M.A.X. and the Chassis Maximizing System attachment. 




"Maximize" your Chassis Geometry

Just like with the standard mega-M.A.X frame measurement, you'll be provided with a print out of your Geometry measurement.  This will tell you in a clear and concise manner what parameters need to be adjusted. 

Adjusting your geometry for best performance is called "maximizing".  When we set up a chassis's geometry we start at a known set of dimensions for that model and riding style combination. With some fine tuning based on rider feed back, we arrive at the values that work best for you. Since the mega-M.A.X System stores all these values we can always return to the maximum chassis geometry after a crash or if you upgrade to a new ride.



Chassis Maximizing System Simulation

The simulation feature of the software and the Chassis Maximizing System (CMS) allows us to "virtually" test set up changes to the motorcycle BEFORE you hit the track.  For example, we can see what effect changing tire brands or sizes has on rake, trail, swingarm slope, or any of the other values.

What it all boils down to is making motorcycle riding more fun and more comfortable, racing a little safer, and riding at your limits more predictable. Whatever your needs may be - crash repair, a more comfortable ride, quicker ¼ mile, better lap times - our revolutionary procedures help motorcycles perform the best they can. We solve problems that some riders don't even know they have.  Look at it this way, you don't know better till you have ridden better. You will be amazed with the results.

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